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Wow. Its really hard to describe this year's defcon. So, I'll start with the badge. The badge generated far, FAR more interest than I would have ever expected. Firmware and design files are available at my GitHub. I found that what I really like about doing badges is meeting the people I give them out to. I met a lot of really great people this year because of the badge. I want that to continue. So, next years badge (yeah, I know right). Once again, there will only be 25 of them, and the only way to get one is to meet me. Talking about the badge, however, leads to one of the more unfortunate events this year. From what I heard, Cprossu was trying to run an AP, and was getting ruthlessly messed with. In an attempt to hide his AP from attention, he named it DELTA. The hotel wifi networks are named ALPHA, BETA and GAMMA. Stuff happens, I've heard a lot of partial information on this and don't want to speculate, but it ends in Cprossu getting kicked out of the hotel, possibly banned from Cesar's properties for life. Before I say anything else, I want to thank the Goons for their handling of this situation. None of this was their decision, and their actions de-escalated the situation. Without them this would have been much uglier. The relation to my badge is this, one of the planned firmware features was that it would randomly imitate APs it heard beaconing. I didn't cut this feature out of worry about violating some hotel rule unknown to me, it simply got dropped due to lack of time. If I had drank another latte and stayed up a couple hours later, everyone with my badge may have been kicked out. Cprossu had no idea the hotel would come down on him like they did, and that really highlights the problem, ignorance. I think if Caesar's wants to avoid these problems in the future, a clear list of off limits activities needs to be published, there needs to be an understanding on the Caesar's that hackers gonna hack, and on our side that if you step over that line nobody has your back. OK, shout outs. Whiskey Pirates, all of you are awesome people. Amelia, you rock, continue to do so! Cprossu, wherever you set up the UNIX room, I'll be there. I need my SYSV fix. Woodpeka, I certainly cannot say that you don't look out for me. I could keep this up for a week. Alright, back to work.

-Errant Librarian