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Why won’t you sleeeeeeeepppp!!! —

So I was at Defcon this year, and in my giga-hubris I decided I could totally carry around my 7 lbs. laptop and 2 lbs of extra batteries. Thursday night, as I cried in pain I decided that maybe straping a supercomputer to my back wasn’t the way to go. Netbooks were cool, but Frys doesn’t sell those anymore so I got an Acer C7. Rumor was you could stuff Ubuntu on it.

Crappy 3 cell battery aside its not a bad machine. Sandybridge chip, about twice as fast as an Atom. It will run Postal 2 and dosbox, so I’m ok on the mobile gaming front. Installation wasn’t bad although due to the hotel’s crappy internet connection I missed a talk I wanted to go to. The price of hubris and inadequate preperation. I finally wound up at the rio and life was great. Howver, there was an issue. Ever time I pulled the thing out of my bag it had woken from sleep and was rocket hot.

So I poke at it, prod at it, and I’m left scratching my head as to why it keep waking up. It appears to wake every time I pick it up. This is bad for battery life. I put the thing aside and enjoy the rest of the con.

Finally this past weekend I get to rest for the first time since I got back (came back late Sunday night and had to be at work early Monday, another tactical error). I pull out the chromebook and reload Ubuntu. Same issue. I tore the thing down to the board (and I should have taken pictures. Sorry, I’ll do it again with camera in hand this time), but found no switch. Its there somewhere to be sure, but I couldn’t find it. I google the problem and find zilch. Finally I’m just rummaging through the /proc filesystem looking for anything when I see the contents of /proc/acpi/wakeup, line 2:

TPAD S3 *enabled *pnp:00:00

Oh man, I bet… YEP! The case on this thing is kinda flimsy (to save weight, yeah, thats it). If you pick it up and apply pressure to the lower part of the case it causes the big fat touchpad-ala-button to click. This wakes the system up. All I have to do is apply light pressure to where the “Waranty void if removed” sticker was to cause it.

So, to disable that we do this:

echo TPAD > /proc/acpi/wakeup

*enabled should now read *disabled, and your C7 should now sleep the sleep of the dead, until you open it up.

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  1. donhodges says:

    I have the opposite problem – hot and won’t wake up. any suggestions?

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